About Rincon Designs Surf Shop

Rincon Designs is a locally owned and operated surf shop located in sunny Carpinteria, California. Shaper Matt Moore started the shop back in 1980 after he had been shaping surfboards for over a decade. It is one of the last family owned core surf shops, and all of our surfboards are shaped and built by Matt, right here in the back of the store.

We have everything you need from custom surfboards, wetsuits and swimsuits, to shoes, sunglasses, the latest clothes for men, women and kids, Carpinteria T-shirts for the whole family, souvenirs and all of your beach needs.

Surfboard, SUP, Bodyboards and Wetsuit rentals are available. Call us at (805) 684-2413 or email katie@rincondesigns.net

Matt Moore

Matt Moore
Matt Moore shaping in his bay at the Rincon Designs shop. Photo by Dubock.com.

Matt Moore has called Carpinteria, California home all his life. He first started surfing by the age of eight. Being at the forefront of the surfing boom there was a lack of materials and equipment for surf boards. Matt was forced to improvise and create his surfing experiences from his own hands, so he began learning the art of shaping. By the age of twelve, Matt knew he wanted to turn his craft into a career.

Heavily influenced by Renny Yater and Jeff White, Matt started to hone his progressive shaping skills. When George Greenough and Michael Cundith started doing ’S’ turns on waves at Rincon, Matt took his designs to a new level by cutting longboards in half and adding dramatic lines to increase mobility.

In 1980, with over a decade of experience already under his belt, Matt established Rincon Designs Surf Shop in Carpinteria. Matt’s been dishing out custom shapes for surfers ever since.

“After 30 years of working with raw foam, it’s fun to carve long lines down a fresh blank. It’s almost a meditation exercise in art and i’m not under the gun to mass-produce anything. It’s just an extension in something that will never end - creative experimentation - and no matter how many boards that i’ve shaped, there is always a better one on the way.” -Matt Moore